在这段视频中 我将一步步向你展示我们如何开始通过市场营销赚钱三

san170 节食
171 演讲结束了 等等 所以 嗯 在这里贴上什么样的标签 你可以
The talks died and so on, so forth, so um, what kind of tags to put here, you can.
172 去一个关键的研究工具 并检查那里
Go to a keyward research tool and check there.
173 如何做关键的研究 我在市场营销课程和我频道的一些视频中展示了我的自由领域 所以你们可以
How to do key with research. I’m, I’m showing in my free field at marketing course and in some of the videos on my channel, so you can.
174 点击这里查看如何找到youtube的标签
Check out right there how to find the tags for the Youtubes.
175 Youtube上的视频 我们要编辑台风 好吧 把它用大写字母 还有什么 我们要添加的其他东西 列表
Youtube videos, we have to edit the typhoons, well, to put it with capital letters, what else What else we have to add them, lists.
176 你必须创建你的新列表 有两种方法可以创建这个
You have to create your new list, and there are two ways how you can create this for this.
177 方法 第一个是你可以通过产品创建 例如 当我们在推广一个红色的T-D会谈
Approach, the first one is you can create by the product, for example, when we are promoting a red T-D talks.
178 如果你还记得 我们这里有三篇文章
If you remember, we have three articles right here.
179 所以你可以创建一个名为Redt的播放列表 和所有三个
So you can create a playlist that is called Red T. Detox. And all three.
180 关于莱蒂排毒的视频也将被添加到这个列表中
Videos on Retty Detox will be added to that list.
181 这是第一种方法 第二种方法是你可以根据视频的主题来创建 比如你的频道是
This is the first approach. The second approach is you can create by the topic of the video, for example, if your channel is.
182 关于减肥
About weight loss.
183 比如 在其他播放列表中节食
Then one can be, for example, dieting in other playlist can be.
184 锻炼 第三个可以播放排毒
Exercises, the third playlist can be detox.
185 第四个可以是健康饮食
The fourth, uh, playlist can be healthy eating.
186 你知道一些类似的东西 然后添加基于主题的内容 或者你可以同时使用这两种方法 多写或少写 但少写
You know something like that, and add the based on the topic, or you can go with both approaches and create just more or less, but creating less.
187 这很重要 但现在我们必须滚动到底部并选择缩略图
It’s very important, but now we have to scroll to the bottom and choose the thumbnail.
188 Youtube默认会给出一个提议 就像视频的一些截屏
Youtube by default, gives a proposition, kind of like, um, some screen shots of the video.
189 它会自动产生这种家庭
It takes, automatically creates this kind of families automatically.
190 因为这些截图看起来很好 你可以选择其中一个 但我也建议你创建自己的缩略图 因为
Since these screenshots look pretty well, you can choose one of these ones, but I also recommend you to create your own thumbnails, because.
191 拇指指甲和标题
Thumb nails and title.
192 有两件事非常重要 渠道
Two things extremely important for any you do, channel.
193 因为这取决于你的家人有多有魅力
Because based on how attractive your families will be.
194 它将影响如何处理
It will impact on how.
195 你的视频将会排名 以及有多少人会点击你的视频 所以在我们做完这些之后 我们差不多都准备好了
Well, your videos will rank and how many people will actually click on your videos towards the videos So after we’ve done that, we are pretty much all set.
196 我们可以发布视频 现在 有一件非常非常重要的事情 你必须上传的视频没有列出 总是 之后
And we can publish the video. Now, one very, very important thing, you have to upload videos as unlisted, always, and after.
197 只有在你完成了所有的设置 比如编辑标题之后
Only after you’ve done all the kind of set up, the like, edited the title.
198 添加了描述 添加了所有链接 标签 缩略图 只有这样你才能切换到公开视频
Added the description, added all the links, the tags, the thumbnail, only then you can switch it to public video.
199 然后点击发布 它就会上线
And click publish, and then it will go live.
200 每个人都会看到的
And everybody will see it.
201 但在那之前 始终保持视频作为未列出 它将只可见
But until then, always keep the video as unlisted, it will be visible only.
202 对你而不是其他人 所以注意了 现在 就像我之前说的 免费试用内容 武士 你可以得到
To you and nobody else, so take care with this Now, guys, does promises, as I was saying before free trial of content, samurai, you can get.
203 通过点击下方的链接 您将获得7天的免费试用 没有任何限制
By following the link below this area in the description, you will be getting seven days of free trial with no limitations.
204 在这七天内 您将能够创建尽可能多的视频
Within those seven days, you will be able to create as many videos.
205 你想要什么 就有什么
As you want, as you will have.
206 朋友们 现在去看看吧 你们的问题是 计划在什么议题上创建你们的Youtube频道
Time for, so go check it out now, guys, the question to you, in, what issue plan to create your Youtube channel?
207 请在评论区下方分享你的想法 我很想知道你的答案 谢谢大家的收看 他想
Share your thoughts below the theater in the comments, I’m curious to know your answers. Now, guys, thanks for watching. He’d like.
208 按钮下面的视频 如果喜欢它 并在接下来的歌曲
Buttons below the video, if liked it, and sing in the next song.

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